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Born in St-Petersburg ( Russia) from a family of music lovers, Denis Ivanov showed a great interest to play the piano at the young age of 9. Hereafter, he entered the Music School of St-Pertersburg in the class of Nina Verblovskaia, shortly after he moved on to the Music School Moussorgski in the class of Professeur Ekaterina Sharkova.

His talent and determination allowed him to catch up to the level of his colleagues who them had started their musical training at 5 or 6 years of age.

After receiving his Bachelor Degree, he pursued his studies with Eduard Bazanov at the National Conservatory Rimski-Korsakov in St-Petersburg.

Being awarded the Prix d’État from Russia at 24 years old, Denis left for Germany and was granted a place in the class of Professeur Detlef Kaiser from the National Conservatory Carl Maria von Weber in Dresden. There, he also took masterclasses with S. Perticaroli and Lea-Yoanna Adam.

His work with Léa-Yoanna Adam, whom he considered to be an atypical teacher, broaden his horizon. Most noteworthy in the development of his solo career as a concert pianist; with the National orchestras of Rumania, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Italy. As a result, he is now an active member, since 2008, of the Artist Academy of Musician.

Furthermore, he is now a very well in demand accompanist of lyrical singers and has performed chamber music concerts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium.

Accordingly, he is one of Europe’s most remarkable pianist of his generation. Appreciated for his sensitivity and outstanding musicianship, with an ear for details, his interpretations are glorified. Not only because of his virtuosity, but also because of his originality, his charisma and emotion transmitted in every piece, his repertoire stretches from the Classical composers to the modern ones.

Denis has gathered an impressive success as a soloist in Japan and in Europe and with well renowned musicians.

Since April 2012, he is the Artistic director of the International Competition Music Master performers, member of the Alink-Argerich Foundation under the presidency of Mme. Léa-Yoanna Adam.